About Susan T Amidon

Always interested in art, Susan’s talent was recognized by her high school art teacher, Jim West (an accomplished artist in his own right) and it was he who encouraged her to pursue this talent. 

Basically, self-taught, Susan hasn’t had any formal training as an artist.  She painted mainly for friends and family and it was a hobby she enjoyed.  She was soon discovered by a gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota and they started selling and marketing her work.  Together with that gallery, she published her first limited edition print titled, SUMMIT AVENUE.  It SOLD OUT very quickly.  Soon her reputation as an artist grew and her work starting selling out consistently. 

It was the partnership of her artwork and the avenues of exposure that these galleries provided that enabled her to form a strong foundation of her own company.  NOEL PRODUCTIONS was formed by Susan to handle all business aspects of her work including publishing.  Susan named her company after her paternal grandfather, Noel Turenne.

Art & Medium

After painting strictly in the watercolor medium, Susan is now discovering the medium of oil painting.  After moving to western MICHIGAN, she was fortunate to come across the classically trained and very talented artist who is teaching her the fundamentals of the oil painting medium.

THIMGAN HAYDEN   www.thimganhayden.com

Under her tutelage, she is re-discovering herself as an artist and painting with oils now.

Susan’s artwork can be found in private collections and galleries throughout the United States.   To find a gallery near you or email: susan@susantamidon.com

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